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Group Benefits


At Doyle-Crow & Associates we work with the most reputable companies in the industry. These relationships allow us the opportunity to work with you to customize your plan to meet the unique needs of your employees as well as the financial needs of your business.  We can insure groups down to only two employees or owners.  We always quote every carrier to get you the best benefits for the best price. Call our office today at 405.793.0893 to get more information about any of our carriers, or fill out our contact form and we will contact you with your free customized quote within 48 hours.


We offer a wide variety of dental products that we can tailor to fit the individual needs of your company.  Products can be added to a group medical policy or be free standing.  We also have the option of making dental products available on a group basis at no additional cost to the business.

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Life Insurance assures the security of your loved ones in the event of a tragedy. Give your employees peace of mind with little or no cost to your business.  Help your employees put their family‚Äôs future on solid ground by offering group term life insurance.


Vision products are available from several different carriers both on an employer sponsored and voluntary basis.  Products can be added to a group medical or dental policy or be free standing.   Available to groups with two or more employees.


Loss of income is devastating to any family’s lifestyle.  We can help employers design a plan to cover their employees’ loss of income due to unforeseen accident or illness.  Plans can be designed to offer short term protection, long term protection or both.

Worksite Products 

A unique benefits product designed to pay cash benefits to the employee directly anytime they experience a qualifying event, such as accident, hospitalization, heart attack, cancer diagnosis, etc.  These products can be offered 100% voluntary so there is no charge to the employer for offering valuable insurance protection against the dangers of everyday life and the costs that can come with them.

Online Benefits Portal 

We are proud to offer our group clients a customized human resources and benefits enrollment portal to use as their own company intranet and homepage.  Employers can customize this portal to use for company announcements, paid time off tracking, and benefit enrollment.  With powerful functions, your homepage can provide you with essential data for end of year reporting that is becoming mandatory.  Without these functions, your human resources department can be caught off guard and stressed at year end.

Benefits Administration 

Benefits administration and compliance can be a minefield of issues for any small company.  To help our group administrators navigate through this minefield, we offer several choices in staying compliant with ever changing regulations.


Telemedicine is the newest product to come along in the insurance industry.  Telemedicine can put you in touch with doctors 24/7 from your smartphone anywhere in the US.  Instead of making an appointment with a doctor about an ear infection, you can contact a doctor from the convenience of your home, discuss your issue and even get your prescriptions all for less than a co-pay you would normally pay.  Telemedicine can allow your group to choose a higher deductible plan and add telemedicine from Healthiest You as a supplement and still save money over y our current medical plan offering.  Call Doyle-Crow & Associates today at (405) 793-0893 to discuss how this new innovation can save your company money!