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If you are looking to enroll yourself and/or your family members in a Major Medical plan and would like to see if you qualify for Advanced Premium Tax Credit from the Marketplace, aka www.healthcare.gov, you can now get an instant quote from the online enrollment platform from Doyle-Crow & Associates.  Just click on the “Get a Quote” link to the right and you will still have all of the perks of having us as your insurance agents without making an appointment.  If you have any questions, you can always contact us at (405) 793-0893.

Self Enrollment Site from Doyle-Crow & Associates
BCBSOK Self Service Enrollment
Self Service Enrollment from Delta Dental
Self Enrollment Site for VSP

If you are an individual customer and want to enroll yourself in  dental and vision insurance on your own, you can check out our partner sites to enroll yourself, but still have all of the benefits of having Doyle-Crow & Associates as your insurance agent.  We are now offering Travel Insurance as well.  Just click on the link to the carrier you want to enroll with and you will be taken to the carrier’s site in a special section that allows you to do it yourself, but if you ever need help, you have the agents from Doyle-Crow & Associates there to help you with any issues that come up.  To every one of our clients, we provide always free consultations, billing and claims support, and our 40+ years of experience.

Self Service Insurance Quote