Privacy Notice describes our practices for safeguarding personal information about the individuals who own, or apply for medical, dental, disability, life, annuities or other financial products primarily for personal, family, or household purposes whether individually or on a group basis. This is our privacy notice of any insurance company whose product we may represent.

Protecting Your Privacy

As professionals, we are required to inform you of our privacy policy.  To place and service your business properly, the companies that provide the products and services we represent often require us to share information you have provided with them. In addition, we may share information on your behalf with your team of advisors including your CPA, attorney, banker, or other financial advisors and their staffs. Doing so provides you with better, more integrated solutions to your insurance and/or financial needs.  We will take reasonable measures to ensure important personal information is protected while providing you with the service and information you need to help you put in place the products that will help you meet your goals.  This notice describes how we handle personal information and our commitment to protecting your privacy.

How We Collect Information

Information we obtain during the interview, application, or service process may provide information as part of the process to analyze your needs, select the correct product(s), complete the application or provide service transactions.  This information includes such things as your name, address, social security number, financial status, and health history.

Information from third parties which may include medical reports, salary and benefits, Social Security benefits, and similar benefits.We may retain information based on our transactions and experience with you.
How we share information.

We may disclose information to third-party service providers that perform services in the processing or services of your transaction.

We will not share information with third parties that offer products or services other than the products we are offering.

We will not share information about former customers, plan participants, or beneficiaries to third parties.


General Privacy Principals

We treat the personal information of our customers in a confidential manner. We do not provide any information to unrelated companies for the purpose of marketing their products or services to our customers.